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cinxia knitalong

Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome from the other co-host

I just swatched some doubled coned silk chenille and hit gauge perfectly. I've got 3 lbs, so it should be enough. But do I really want to do this in black? I think I may swatch up the same yarn in a sand color and put it up to a vote.

A little bit (and I do mean a little bit) about our patron goddess.

Welcome to the KAL!


  • I'd love to join your Cinxia knit-a-long.

    I knit quite a bit, but stuff for me tends to wind up on the bottom of the pile. Maybe some social encouragement will help me convert my tweedy Cascade 220 into a fall jacket!

    By Blogger Chelle, at 4:01 PM  

  • I'd like to join too, although I won't be starting for a couple of weeks.

    By Blogger Tracy, at 6:09 AM  

  • I would like to join your KAL but won't be starting till mid-October.

    By Blogger Jackie, at 7:18 PM  

  • I'd like to join!! I'm still looking for yarn, tho!

    By Blogger GretchenX, at 8:55 AM  

  • hey, do we need a KAL button?


    By Blogger Chelle, at 9:22 AM  

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