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cinxia knitalong

Thursday, October 20, 2005

One sleeve to go....

I wrote a more extensive update at my site lovetobikeandknit but thought I'd go ahead and share my progress here--hope that's okay. Finally finished the first sleeve and went ahead and joined it to the body--I know, I jumped the gun, but I'd rather do that than risk some of the stitches falling off my needles--besides, it gave me a look at how it's progressing. I'll cast-on the second sleeve in just a few minutes or later this evening, depending on how things work out. Haze asked about yarn--I'm using Galway Highland Heather #742--really like the color--nice heathered brick red. Price was about $6.35/skein at my lys--210 yds per skein. Is anyone using a circular needle rather than dpns for the sleeves? Wish I had a small sz 7 circular. The first sleeve took virtually a whole skein--is that right? Also, do you guys know how to pronounce the name of our sweater? I'm thinking sin-zee-ah (or -uh).


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