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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Round Up

  • Becca's started off with the sleeves and is 4" into the first cuff. Holiday knitting is getting in the way, though.

  • Carey's still waiting on her yarn. Send her good mail vibes, everyone!

  • Chelle is just about finished her first sleeve and waiting for the fun. Rest those arms, woman! (And who knows--maybe her newly knitting 8 years old can do the second sleeve. It's just knits and purls, right?)

  • Chloe is recovering from a "small" measuring accident and may hold off on continuing until Cinxia can become travel knitting. Ooh la la, Cinxia in Paris!

  • Evelyn has cast on for both sleeves, using two circs. Good to hear that someone is still loving the pattern!

  • Jen has attached her first sleeve and is working her second sleeve on a circ, using the Magic Loop method.

  • Katie has started work on the first sleeve but is now considering a pattern re-design. Anyone have hints on doing the twisted section inside-out?

  • Mary B's Cinxia is working its way up her HALFPINT list. Soon, soon…

  • Tracy is on row 22 and, like many of us, cursing the twisted pattern.

  • Me? Well, it's traditional not to engage in handcrafts on the Sukkot holiday, so I'm still on the slip stitch pattern of the first sleeve.

So, where are the rest of you in your knitting? Write us, post, let us all know!


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