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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hello, Cinxia Tuesday

Carol on the prowl for more yarn.

Chelle is done with both her sleeves. You can put them all on one needle, we know you can!

Chloe has found needles for her sleeves. Having to shop in Paris -- gee, that's a fate we wouldn't wish on anyone (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…)

Deb is through her slip stitch border. Grape Peruvian Highland--sounds yummy!

Katie 's still on sleeve island. Hey, so am I --we're a pair!

Kimberly got her yarn. Now to the cast-on!

Mary's Cinxia's slipping back down her list of WIPs. Why can’t the holidays wait until we've finished all our other projects?

Suzie is just at the start of the adventure. She asks us all

too am interested in if anyone is making a larger size, and has anyone added a closure? I love the texture of the stitches, but not sure if it will work on me


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