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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cinxia versus December

Hi everyone! I hope all in the US had a nice Thanksgiving, and the rest of you had a relaxing week.
Here's where we all are for the start of December:

I am starting the second sleeve. I had hoped to do that on my ten hour drive to see my family, but ended up working on a pair of socks for my mom instead, in Cascade Fixation (she loved them).

New members Haze and Jeanne are on their first and second sleeves, respectively. Welcome, Haze and Jeanne!

Chelle has recovered from her ripping out and is back on track.

Jackie made a cute brioche hat and sewed (literally) her Veste Everest, so maybe now it's Cinxia time?

Moze is hurtling between conventions for work, and I might get to meet her in person next week. Hey Moze, I'll be the one in the half-finished sweater with one sleeve. Can't miss me.

Anyone else? Post, email or leave a comment to show off your progress!


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