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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The absolutely last pre-holiday round-up

December seems to be kicking us all in parts of the anatamony we didn;t even know we had. I se a bunch of half-done Cinxias in the corner there, under the tree, and another bunch in the corner over there, next to the menorah. Thank the stars above, in Israel Chanukah just isn't that big a deal, so all my WiPs are for me. I am chugging away; less than a 1/4 inch to go before the decreases. I may actually finish this up in time for my next round of conventions in March.

Chloe has put aside her Cinxia for a while, still longing for the perfect dpns. The whooshing sound you hear was her self-imposed Christmas deadline passing by--maybe Valentine's Day instead?

Katie's is on hold, too, until holiday knitting is done and vacation commences.

Now Chelle, she's my hero--she's only got the collar to go. Gettin' ready to cross that finish line...

Happy holidays, whatever you may or may not celebrate, and here's to cleaning your knitting off its needles!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pre-holiday roundup

Sorry about not posting last week - work got a little crazy with everyone trying to finish projects before the end of term (I am at a university). Here's where our collective Cinxia knitters are:

Moze is recovering from being seriously overworked but has still managed to attach the sleeves and get about an inch into the yoke.

Chelle is on her decrease rows before the collar, but has some holiday knitting to finish first - check out the adorable jumper!

Chloe really wants to start her sleeves but is also conflicted by fair isle mittens and the new Knitty. Add the new Interweave Knits to that and it's pretty much where I am at too, except that I'm on the second sleeve.

Jeanne fnished and blocked her Cinxia, but has decided that it would wear better with a little more ease, so it's going back on the needles. Any photos, Jeanne?

Blogless (?) Cynthia and Deb ask whether anyone has tried different stitch patterns for their Cinxias...Sheila is using a seed stitch edging and regular stockinette for the body (bet that goes faster). Sheila, let us all know if that changes the hang of the garment.

I really want to finish mine by January; after I prepare for the Hanukkah/Xmas party we're hosting Sunday, I'm hoping it'll be all knitting all the time for me. Famous last words...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cinxia versus December

Hi everyone! I hope all in the US had a nice Thanksgiving, and the rest of you had a relaxing week.
Here's where we all are for the start of December:

I am starting the second sleeve. I had hoped to do that on my ten hour drive to see my family, but ended up working on a pair of socks for my mom instead, in Cascade Fixation (she loved them).

New members Haze and Jeanne are on their first and second sleeves, respectively. Welcome, Haze and Jeanne!

Chelle has recovered from her ripping out and is back on track.

Jackie made a cute brioche hat and sewed (literally) her Veste Everest, so maybe now it's Cinxia time?

Moze is hurtling between conventions for work, and I might get to meet her in person next week. Hey Moze, I'll be the one in the half-finished sweater with one sleeve. Can't miss me.

Anyone else? Post, email or leave a comment to show off your progress!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's pre-Turkey Tuesday, do you know where your Cinxia is?

Frog City has been a popular destination this week. Chelle lost about 15 rows in her decreases, and I lost 3" off my sleeve.

Chloe is still searching for dpns she can love.

Katie has a finished sleeve behind her and a long car ride ahead of her.

Mary has started her Cinxia! And with all that holiday weekend car time, who knows how far she'll get before next week?

Sheila is starting her visit to Sleeve Island, and Yvonne is looking at her yarn, waiting for the right moment to cast on.

And we have one casualty of a bad yarn vendor. After 6 weeks of waiting for her yarn, Carey is giving up and moving on to another sweater. But she says she'll "still be a voyeur" here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hello, Cinxia Tuesday

Carol on the prowl for more yarn.

Chelle is done with both her sleeves. You can put them all on one needle, we know you can!

Chloe has found needles for her sleeves. Having to shop in Paris -- gee, that's a fate we wouldn't wish on anyone (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…)

Deb is through her slip stitch border. Grape Peruvian Highland--sounds yummy!

Katie 's still on sleeve island. Hey, so am I --we're a pair!

Kimberly got her yarn. Now to the cast-on!

Mary's Cinxia's slipping back down her list of WIPs. Why can’t the holidays wait until we've finished all our other projects?

Suzie is just at the start of the adventure. She asks us all

too am interested in if anyone is making a larger size, and has anyone added a closure? I love the texture of the stitches, but not sure if it will work on me

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What's up, Cinxia knitters?

Well lookie here - JennyRaye is the first of our group to finish! Wow, what a great job. Jenny take a bow!

Chloe is well into the body of hers and looks like she's nearly ready to start the sleeves once she goes to Paris (yes, I'm jealous and will admit it.)

Looks like Chelleis a champion multitasker - she has Cinxia underway as well as a couple of children's projects.

Moze is on her way out of Florida and wisely is working on socks this week. A cardigan might be hard to schlep between flights and have to keep stowing and pulling out again when you get a chance to knit. Be sure to check out the fancy lawnmower Moze borrowed from her neighbor. And I do mean Neighhhhbor.

I had to rip and restart my first sleeve and am about 8 or 9 inches into it. As I too like to have several things on the needles at once, I've also been working a pair of Fixation socks for myself and some in Knitpicks Dancing for my husband.

So, go look at Jenny's finished sweater for inspiration, and Moze and I will check in again next week.

My Cinxia is Finished!!!

Just had to share! After a bunch of starts, stops, and frogs--it's done! If you'd like to see, check out my blog.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

Carey's still waiting on her yarn. Maybe if we all think yarny thoughts the seller will finally ship it out?

Chelle's arms are still a problem, but only when working this pattern. I understand--the twisting is somehow so much harder than straight knitting!

Deb is trying to decide between Peruvian Highland Wool and Cascade 220. Preferences, anyone?

Jenny has finished the lower body portion, and has started on the first sleeve. She's using the Magic Loop method, "because DPN's seem so unwieldy, though I have to say that the Magic Loop is not the most elegant method in the world."
Here's the beginning of her first sleeve--what a great color!

Katie is marooned on sleeve island. Maybe I should invite her over for a drink, since I've been there since forever.

Tracy's got two more rows down.