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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Round Up

  • Becca's started off with the sleeves and is 4" into the first cuff. Holiday knitting is getting in the way, though.

  • Carey's still waiting on her yarn. Send her good mail vibes, everyone!

  • Chelle is just about finished her first sleeve and waiting for the fun. Rest those arms, woman! (And who knows--maybe her newly knitting 8 years old can do the second sleeve. It's just knits and purls, right?)

  • Chloe is recovering from a "small" measuring accident and may hold off on continuing until Cinxia can become travel knitting. Ooh la la, Cinxia in Paris!

  • Evelyn has cast on for both sleeves, using two circs. Good to hear that someone is still loving the pattern!

  • Jen has attached her first sleeve and is working her second sleeve on a circ, using the Magic Loop method.

  • Katie has started work on the first sleeve but is now considering a pattern re-design. Anyone have hints on doing the twisted section inside-out?

  • Mary B's Cinxia is working its way up her HALFPINT list. Soon, soon…

  • Tracy is on row 22 and, like many of us, cursing the twisted pattern.

  • Me? Well, it's traditional not to engage in handcrafts on the Sukkot holiday, so I'm still on the slip stitch pattern of the first sleeve.

So, where are the rest of you in your knitting? Write us, post, let us all know!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

One sleeve to go....

I wrote a more extensive update at my site lovetobikeandknit but thought I'd go ahead and share my progress here--hope that's okay. Finally finished the first sleeve and went ahead and joined it to the body--I know, I jumped the gun, but I'd rather do that than risk some of the stitches falling off my needles--besides, it gave me a look at how it's progressing. I'll cast-on the second sleeve in just a few minutes or later this evening, depending on how things work out. Haze asked about yarn--I'm using Galway Highland Heather #742--really like the color--nice heathered brick red. Price was about $6.35/skein at my lys--210 yds per skein. Is anyone using a circular needle rather than dpns for the sleeves? Wish I had a small sz 7 circular. The first sleeve took virtually a whole skein--is that right? Also, do you guys know how to pronounce the name of our sweater? I'm thinking sin-zee-ah (or -uh).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday is Knitalong Day

Well hello and happy mid-October to you all. It has finally stopped raining here in Boston, and it's my turn to check on the progress of all our lovely Cinxia knitters.

Moze is working on the body of hers...an "Oranginxia"?

Chelle is trucking along and has been taking breaks here and there to make some very cute children's items.

Yarnyogi is on the body but is less than enchanted by twisted stockinette as it's hard to watch TV at the same time. I know what you mean.

Jackie is caught up in Halloween hoopla!

Carol wonders why the sleeves are designed with a seemingly wrong number of cast on stitches. I just started the first sleeve last night and can verify that that pattern 'evens out" at the end of the 4th row (pattern repeat), but it was a matter of trust to get there.

Chloe is on the slip stitch body trim and also got to go Rhinebeck (I am jealous).

Jen is on the first sleeve and not exactly enjoying it.

I am in the same boat, sort of - I finally picked up a pair of sz US10 double points this past week (I'm using a bulkier yarn) to start on the sleeves. My 6 year old son was with me and reminded me that I had promised him some Fuzzyfeet from Knitty, so I tested out the new Bryspun dpns (love them!) on a pair of Noro Kureyon slippers this week. They finished felting yesterday so I began the first Cinxia sleeve. And yes, although the number of cast on stitches just seems wrong, the sleeve slip stitch pattern does work out after the 4th row. Though I am considering ripping out the inch of sleeve I have because I realize that my yarn is too bulky to fold the finished sleeves up - it would look like I am wearing black 'floaties" outside of the swimming pool. The pattern is written assuming you will fold the sleeves and has you knit the wrong side. If I continue my started sleeve I guess I could knit the twisted stockinette backwards... Hmm. I didn't think this through (who, moi?). Another thing I wish I had done - *not* cut the yarn after the armholes because I didn't want to retrieve new ball of yarn from box from under my sleeping daughter's bed so I could start the sleeve last night. She admitted, sheepishly.

But enough about me...any other updates?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More Cinxia-sters are knitting along

Tuesday round-up time:

  • Carey is still waiting on her yarn shipment.

  • Carol has gotten to about 2" below the underarm seam. (She's working the pattern top-down.) She'll be continuing to work on the project until it
    gets to be about 3 or 4" below the underarm seam, and then waiting for her move back to the US and additional yarn.

  • In between working on hats, Chelle has completed about 7" up from the cast-on. She says it's slow going and asks
    Am I missing something or is this twisted stockingette just awkward? Are Continental knitters having an easier time?

  • Chloe has finished four repeats of the slip stitch pattern.

  • Jenny has finished the lower portion, up to the bind-off for the armholes. She has a word of caution about the "unbalanced" fronts:
    Now I know why the markers are placed so that the right and left fronts do not have an even number of stitches - that way they DO end up with an even number of stitches after the bind-off. Many sweaty and mumbling hours later, I think I managed to correct my "correction." And yet, now I have
    the correct number of stitches on the right front and the back, but I am missing one stitch on the left front. So, I put it in the marination chamber for a few days, hoping for inspiration, while I work on "Blackberry." I may just add a stitch surreptitiously ;)

  • Katie is also up to the armholes on hers. Anyone have a few extra Denise cables to loan her for the sleeves?

  • Mary B. has Cinxia on her to-cast-on list. She's planning to use some Highland Wool from Elann.

  • Tracy is about 10 rows into the twisted stockingette.

  • And I'm 5.5 inches up from the cast on. This Cotton-Ease is murder on the hands, but it knits up quickly and crisply. Like labor, the product will make me forget the effort, I'm sure.

Where are the rest of you holding? Post or email and let us know!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Our weekly update

Moze is celebrating Rosh Hashanah, so I am your intrepid reporter this week. Chelle has finished the slip stitch trim and has moved on to the twisted stockinette. Nice color, Chelle. CarolSch seems to be concocting her own customizations to the pattern - go Carol! Moze is restarting her Cinxia after the silk yarn gave less than pleasing results. She is thinking about using some orange Cotton Ease - Moze, don't abandon us for Samus! :) And currently blogless Jenny has figured out the number of stitches she needs for the twisted stockinette portion (and I am so glad it wasn't just me who had trouble with that) and is underway. And I am about 7.5 inches into the pattern. I'm off to a conference for the rest of the week so maybe I can knit during some of the sessions.

Anyone else? If you'd like to be able to post your updates here (Jenny? anyone else?), just let me know and I'll add you to the contributors section. You need a Blogger id for that.